Full of life, adventurous

& bubbly


After working as a freelance for Parisian agencies for a few years, Severine  relocated
to the UK ready for new adventures. A perfect example of French-English alliance, Severine adopted
her host country straight away — from beloved traditions to her local pub!

With boundless creativity, excellent credentials in the industry and
a solid portfolio of long-term clients, she embarked on the greatest challenge of her career:
creating a destination management company, with custom-tailored, high-quality and unique programs!

Smoozy has celebrated its 15th anniversary in 2019 and is still going strong!

Her favourite incentive program

Discovering London and the great contrasts the city has to offer in areas including architecture,
cuisine, fashion, business and art.
London is the result of incredible diversity and a heaven for creative and entrepreneurial people!
Your guests will go back to the office with renewed inspiration and energy!

For architecture, go up the Shard and look down on the amazing maze of traditional
and innovative buildings that defy gravity. You will also have the opportunity to view this
fast-moving metropolis from the top of the London Eye a classic option,
where you can relax in its exclusive private capsules 135 meters above street level.

When it comes to food, you’ll get a taste of the culinary traditions that the UK has created and adopted.
Have a roast in a traditional West End pub, an afternoon tea in a luxury hotel around Green Park, and,
last but not least, a curry in East London for a complete British experience!

As for art and fashion, pop into one of the galleries of East London to discover young artists,
wander around the bustling neighbourhood of King’s Cross for wonderful boutiques,
visit fashion shows to meet designers who are always a step ahead.
If that’s not enough, try one of the concept stores that keep popping up all around town.

In terms of crafting your program the options are endless. You’ll experience the city as a true London native,
and your guests will have the privilege to see London in an exclusive and authentic light!

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