Chic, organic enthusiast, crazy about
afternoon tea!

After studying in Paris and obtaining a diploma in hospitality, Nina threw herself into event management.
She spent 4 years in France and Switzerland, working in high-end hotels and conference centres.

She fell in love with Scotland, and the rest is history!

chambre d'hotel à Edimbourg

Her specialty


Nina has never lost her passion for the beautiful spaces discovered during her training; whether the design is contemporary, traditional or luxury, it doesn’t matter as long as they have unusual charm and character.

In terms of unusual hotels, Scotland is bursting with hidden gems… Medieval castles converted into charming hotels, bourgeois mansions nestled in the heart of the Highlands. Once given the magic kicks in, you might begin to imagine yourself as a Lord or Lady straight out of a BBC period drama.

In a complete diffrent style the bustling city of Glasgow is worthy of attention: futuristic hotels features prominently in the capital of culture. Edinburgh offers visitors a world-class hospitality in keeping with the Scottish tradition with its historic buildings transformed into luxury hotels. A hushed atmosphere and the crackling fireplace will make you feel at home straight away!

Her favourite incentive program

Start in a less conventional way than in most tourist programmes by touching down in Inverness airport in the north of Scotland.
Spend the morning strolling on the unspolit long beaches, still untouched by humans you will experience the raw beauty of nature,
the wind in your hair, and the sensation that you are the first person to have discovered this lost paradise.

In the afternoon, climb aboard a small cruise ship and let yourself be carried downstream to the famous Loch Ness,
where keeping an eye out for the Loch Ness Monster is essential! Round off the day and make the most of the long summer evening by enjoying a barbecue before spending the night in a magnificent (possibly haunted) castle converted into a hotel – a Highlands must!

The following morning, start your journey back to into Edinburgh by jumping on the famous “Jacobite train”, a Victorian-era steam train which is still in use and appears in numerous films such as “Harry Potter”. A change of vehicle on arrival at Fort William, from where you will continues in a 4×4. The route weaves its way through wild landscapes, passing lochs, moors, and mountains. You might even spot freshwater falls, castles and ruins…

Towers looming on the horizon announce the city of Edinburgh, with its castle and ancient spires immersing you into the world of J. K. Rowling
and the world’s most famous wizard which was born in the Scottish capital.

After spending the night in a luxury city hotel, it’s time to experience the pleasures of urban tourism: a tour of the city’s famous monuments, the castle, the Greyfriars Bobby statue, the National Scottish Museum and of course a chance to visit the city’s main shopping street: Princes Street. The programme finishes on a traditional note in one of the city’s pubs, where you will enjoy some fish and chips and take part in a typical Scottish ceilidh dance – in costume, please!

incentive programm
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