Globetrotter, unbeatable soap knowledge, in love with
the English & fan of the London rock and underground scene

After obtaining a Masters and an MBA in communications, Carole went off to discover the world before landing in London.
That was two years ago already. As a fan of the London rock music and underground scene. Carole chose a city which matches her personality.
In love with the city, the language (and the English!), London was the obvious choice.


Her specialty


You love London but you know the city inside out. Afraid of getting bored? Dare go off the beaten track and get out of town.

Richmond, Windsor, Slough or even Marlow located just outside the English capital, provide a reviving sense of calm. Endless plains, the vast green fields, historical castles and typical English cottages. Breath the fresh air of the countryside. And if you miss London, the Thames is always on the horizon.

Take a real break and enjoy quality made in England at the lowest price!

Her favourite incentive program

The discovery of London’s rock culture and madness – Head to Camden !

Start off your day with an immersion in the borough of Camden, the heart of the London punk and underground scene. This neighbourhood offers a unique show, far from the prestige and clichés of Royalty. Put on your Doc Martens and wander around London’s biggest flee market. Get ready for an explosive melting pot: vintage apparel, studs, tattoo parlours…

Have a little lunch break in Camden Lock. Lose yourself in the heart of the street food market and make the most of the flavors of the world and the view over Regent’s Canal.

Then, go on a boat ride along Regent’s Canal. Discover the neighbourhood from a different angle and enjoy the sudden calm and the animals from the zoo that you can see from the canal.

Finish off your day to the sound of the Beatles and Pink Floyd with a stop at Abbey Road Studios for the recording of your very own album!

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