Trendy, nonconformist
East London expert

Having graduated in marketing and worked for three years
in destination management and travel companies in Paris,
the tireless Bruno decided to cross the English Channel to join the London frenzy.

He feels naturally at home as a member of this globe-trotting, talented team,
which perfectly reflects the city: welcoming, energetic and resourceful.

cereal killer

His specialty


Need some inspiration? Fed up with the same shop windows, articles and slogans everywhere?

Go back to the feeling of uniqueness and originality that makes the English capital so special: a whole range of pop-up stores, concept stores and food trucks are changing constantly!

Customise a car or a pair of shoes, stumble upon a must-have accessory, or pick from 200 breakfast cereals in a dedicated cereal café!

London becomes a playground everywhere you go, offering endless opportunities to create custom-tailored courses according to our guests’ interests!

His favourite incentive program

After the landmarks and museums covered and the musicals checked out, it’s time to discover the hidden face of London, surprising and unusual!

Once you’ve reached East London, follow your guide – and by guide, we mean a professional graffiti artist for an incredible retelling of
the history of street art in the booming neighbourhood of Shoreditch, followed by a workshop where you can let the artist in you come alive!

Offer your taste buds a new experience thanks to some extraordinary Peruvian cuisine, before setting off for a one-of-a-kind gin distillery
that intimately intertwines tradition and modernism with a cocktail menu that will wow all foodies.

For your London evening, enjoy a high-end meal in one of the poshest restaurants, and let your hair down in style on their wild dance floor!
You can also head back to the hotel for a sophisticated nightcap in their modern and trendy bar.

Whether your night too short or relaxing, it doesn’t matter. There’s no time to lose! Refuel with a traditional full English breakfast,
then jump on your bike and cycle through the former Olympic village before enjoying lunch in a gastropub.

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